The principle of treating flat feet
- Jan 30, 2018 -

The principle of treating flat feet

        Many people do not understand flat, Flatfoot is mainly due to some reasons, so that the abnormal shape of the foot bone, muscle atrophy, ligament contracture or chronic fatigue caused by the collapse of the vertical arch or elastic foot pain caused by the disappearance of foot pain, also known as flat feet. Here's the principle of treating flat feet:

        Flat foot (orthopedic), flat foot syndrome is mainly due to some causes abnormal foot shape, muscle atrophy, ligament contracture or chronic fatigue caused by the collapse of the foot vertical arch or elastic loss caused by foot pain, also known as flat feet. The main causes are: (1) genetic factors; (2) congenital foot bone deformity; (3) foot trauma or chronic strain; (4) internal or external muscle weakness or paralysis, spasm. Clinically divided into posture and foot syndrome spasmodic foot disease. The main clinical manifestations of long standing or walking when the foot pain or discomfort, stand up with the valgus, flat feet, forefoot abduction, tender swelling of the navicular junction, rest, reduce the late development of spasmodic flat foot, and can cause Osteoarthritis complications. Some patients have a family history. This disease can occur in children and young adults, if the congenital were more symptoms after the age of 10, often due to various injuries and fatigue, obesity and induced more common on both sides. This disease focuses on prevention, the general non-surgical treatment can be more effective, a small number of patients required surgical treatment, but also get better results. Most patients with poor efficacy without formal treatment or with complications, complications.

Treatment principles 

1. Preventive measures: There are genetic predisposition or often stand up workers, we should use the soles of the feet practicing walking, to avoid long-term foot in a position. Prevent fatigue. Proper running and jumping action helps to train the foot muscles and reduce the ligaments burden. Wear heel shoes or add a thin cushion in the middle of the shoe.

2. Non-surgical treatment: for posture and most of spasmodic flat foot syndrome. Physiotherapy, massage, strengthen the foot, external muscle training, wear flat foot orthopedic shoes or flat foot insoles correction. But should be based on strengthening muscle training. The spasmodic foot disease patients should pay attention to rest, severe cases can be overripe under anesthesia beforehand, and then fixed with calf plaster enough to retract within the recipient. After symptoms disappear, wear orthopedic shoes and insoles.

3. Surgical therapy: a small number of patients after a variety of non-surgical treatment ineffective, feasible three-joint fixation (ie, with the dice of the joints, away from the boat joints and from the joint).

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