Ideastep Fire Safety Drill

Ideastep Fire Safety Drill

Purpose of Ideastep factory fire drill:

In order to improve the fire-fighting awareness of our employees, inspect the function of the factory’s fire-fighting facilities, and enhance the staff’s ability to respond and self-protect in emergency situations. Let every employee understand fire protection knowledge. When encountering a fire, knowing how to call the police, how to put out the fire, how to evacuate people, and how to rescue the wounded. Therefore, the company conducts fire escape drills.

Ideastep is an orthotic insoles manufacturers, which located in Jinjiang China. We not only offer Custom Insoles, Pre-fabricated Insoles, and EVA Sheet, but the Orthotic Solution Technology and Programmes.

We hope you will be pleased with our professional ability and willingness and are excited for your considering Ideastep to be your trustworthy partner.

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