Supports that do not fit the shape of your foot,like the generic pads found in any typical shoes,can result in increased pressure on the heel and/or the ball of foot. Our Orthotics improve the way you walk by correcting the angles at which the foot strikes the ground, increasing efficiency and comfort of your stride and stance.

  Orthotics are shoe inserts that correct body misalignment and irregular walking patterns.

  Functional Orthotics fit the exact shape of your feet,defusing pressure points and painful areas by redistributing your body weight.

  Accomodative Orthotics are perfectly and specifically fitted to the contours of your feet.


201711131418027641168.jpgORTHOTIC INSOLES



 ATHLETE ORTHOTIC INSOLESOne of the best ways to preserve your feet and prevent future injuries is to slide a pair of athletic insoles into each pair of sneaker you own.

  The unique orthotic takes stress away from your knees, ankles and feet by absorbing the shock of running and jumping motions. Additionally, these sneaker inserts provide strong arch support to prevent pain caused by plantar fasciitis or flat feet.For superior foot health, your basketball, running and walking shoes should all have a sports insole in them.



  Ideastep carries a variety of women’s insoles to help maintain a certain level of natural comfort and support you’d expect from your shoes.

  For high heels, we carry dress shoe insoles with a narrower design that can easily slide into your favorite pair.

  For the avid runner and exercise aficionado, Ideastep carries a collection of wider insoles that are constructed to endure the rigors athletic women put their limbs through.




  Proper shoes and orthotic insoles play an important role in diabetic footcare. 



  We have several "diabetic insoles" designed with the orthotic requirements of diabetics, these inserts will mold to the heat and pressure of your body, providing a soft yet supportive fit and reduceing the risk of foot sores and ulcers for a healthy feet. 


DRESS ORTHOTIC INSOLES                       

  Normally Dress shoes often are not designed with the necessary arch support, can take a tremendous toll on the health of your feet.


If you own regular orthotic inserts, you may have already tried to slip them into your heels and disappointingly discovered that they were too long or thick to comfortably fit inside.

  For this reason,we carries a wide array of dress shoe insoles to keep your feet comfortable around the clock. The majority of heels are made to fit snugly, so these insoles are only 3/4 length to ensure they are not taking up too much space.

   For those suffering from plantar fasciitis, flat feet or high arches, these insoles will help alleviate the accompanying pain.and who wouldn't want a little padding to cushion the impact felt step after step? Equip your high heels with orthotic dress insoles from us.



  Take the excess stress off of the child's feet, knees and ankles with Our kids' insoles. These inserts are both proactive orthopedic devices and preventative aids.


  They provide strong arch support for kids and prevent future foot problems like plantar fasciitis,align the children's lower limb bone structure into proper position.

   Altogether, these orthotics decrease the chance of injury – on and off the field – and enhance youngster’s balance, posture and stability.

For you and your child’s added convenience, many of these high quality insoles are also easy to swap from shoe to shoe!



  Heat moldable insoles are truly a blessing to anyone that would like personalized orthotics; utilizing warmth to shape to the unique sinews of your foot, it delivers the same benefits of a custom insert at a fraction of the cost!

  To perfectly fit your new moldable shoe insole to your one-of-a-kind shape, simply heat up the orthotic in the toaster. When the inserts start to cool, step into them until it begins to cast around your foot.For additional structure, simply use your fingers to push up on the arch while the moldable insole is still cooling. The result is a custom shoe insert that is your sole's companion; it will support your arches day after day and cradle the bottoms of your feet to absorb shock.

  No longer will you have to curtail your activities due to the pains of flat feet, plantar fasciitis, foot fatigue and more.