Athlete Orthotic Insoles

The so - called sports insole first feature is good cushioning performance, needs to achieve good cushioning performance needs to have good cushioning materials and good design. Analyze sports insole, i.e. cushioning and insole. Cushioning: simply to reduce the impact, the insole and, as is known, the cushion in the shoe. Cushioning insole is simply a cushioning pad with a cushioning impact. Sports insoles need to have cushioning performance and need to apply cushioning materials. Currently, materials with good cushioning performance in the world are Arti-Lage materials and Rogers of the United States. Applying the cushioning material to the insole can reduce the impact, some even absorb 70-90% of the impact. Besides cushioning performance, it is necessary to consider the breathability of the insole, so it is necessary to add breathable anti-odor materials into the insole. The design of insole is also very fastidious, because the foot bears all the weight of human body. Therefore, the foot bone is easy to wear out, and the design of the foot, especially the arch part, should be based on the analysis of experimental and research data. The cushioned insole designed in this way is a comprehensive writing point.
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