Athletic Arch Support

Athletic Arch Support

M+3-1 Sports Shoe Insoles specially offerring transverse arch support. It's a heat-moldable insoles to correct weight distribution and posture problems, and provide protection for your feet.It's the good choice for athlete and dress.


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Athletic Arch Support



Main Material

Microfiber + White Soft Eva + Blue Fabric Bottom +   Hot-melt Adhesive for Heatmoldable


U.S. MEN 6# - 12+

EU: 35 - 46#




Offer excellent arch support combined with  cool fibre upper to keep feet cool,comfortable and dry.

Provide optimum protection from shocks and  impact.

Help to correct weight distribution and posture problems

Provide  portection for your feet against fungus and odour.      

Can be heated in oven and reform the shape  to your feet

Designs can be customized



1. Pre-heated in the oven .

2. Place the footbeds directly in the ove rack for 3 minutes

3. Immediately put the footbeds back into your footwear

4. Step into your footwear

5. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes pointed forward for 2 minutes .

Recommended Care

·Hand wash the product with mild soap and Rinse thoroughly with water

·Air dry: the pad will renew its self-adhering surface and stick again many times once dried.

·The life of the product is affected by its care, use, and activity level of the individual



Q: I don’t have a specific condition but I have backache. Could insoles help?

A:  Many irregular posture lead to common foot conditions, for example,back pain and gait (walking pattern) including plantar fasciitis, bunions, overpronation (when the foot rolls inwards as you walk) or supination (foot rolls outwards). Compromised posture in the back, particularly in the lower back, it often be a result of poor alignment in the feet.

  In theory, any biomechanical malfunction in the foot or ankle can result in poor posture and back pain, as well as the knees and hips. If a bespoke insole can realign the joints and allow the soft tissue in the back to heal and reduce pain. Once we have carried out a biomechanical assessment, we can establish whether you would benefit from bespoke insoles.


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