Sweat Absorbing Insoles

Sweat Absorbing Insoles

183 Sport insoles is an entire heat-moldable for full feet fitting orthotic.Perforated top cushioning foam and accommodated Arch support with Met pad,prevention flatfoot and average stressing in different sports requirement.


Fallen Arches Insoles

High Support Orthotic

sole shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis

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1. Product Specification of the Sweat Absorbing Insoles

Product Specification.jpg

Main Material:Punched Blue Eva + Polyproplene Shell + Brown Reinforcement Sythentic Bottom

U.S. MEN 6# - 12+

EU: 35 - 46#

MOQ: 1000prs
ORTHOTIC:alleviate heel strike pain,low back pain and fatigue/ Killing foot odor

2. Product Introduction of the Sweat Absorbing Insoles

Product Introduction.jpg

High Support Orthotic have double-density construction for better flexibility.A unique cushioning PPT foam is used for the top and moisture absorption fibre bottom layers,with a build in Met pad in between to give better pressure alleviated,comfort and stability for active lifestyles.             

High Support Orthotic uses a rigid arch support for better fitting to flexible High arches.This embedded arch support is contoured to cradle the medial and lateral arches where extra support is needed.The rigid support plus soft PPT shell offers the proper balance between support and comfort.  

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