Children's Orthotic Insoles

According to the design of the principle of human biomechanics, a large number of clinical tests and statistical analysis have been carried out in the early stage, and the orthopaedic device has been made and integrated with shoes. Orthopedic insole has good stability. The built-in orthopedic insole can be maintained without displacement and channeling. Its special heel cup design, with the function of calcaneal clamping, can keep children's calcaneal bone in neutral position, prevent and correct foot heel deviation. The pressure distribution design of the insole can correct the eccentricity of the forefoot. Insole bottom has a unique design, with a crossbow support pad, can support the arch of the foot. Children orthopaedic insole, can avoid to the greatest extent to the child causes the psychological barrier and the negative influence. Indications: for the children's flat feet, eight words, sufficient evaginate, followed by eversion, followed by a varus, congenital horseshoe varus foot, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, brain trauma sequela, double lower limbs long range, high arches, X leg, O leg and foot disease.
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