Childrens Insoles

Childrens Insoles

915# Kids insoles. The specific harder or softer arch moulding provides unique supporting for children's in Media or Low Arch. It's fit children gentle feet perfectly,the heat-moldable actually from daily activities to let the entire insole fitting exactly,creating the idea architecture during growing up.


orthopedic shoes for kids

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Arch Support Insert

Foot Orthotics

insoles for children's shoes

1.Childrens Insoles

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Main Material

Sublimated Graphic Velvet +Black Eva foam+ Green Soft Eva hardness 45C+Yellow punched Eva +Green Soft Eva + PPT


U.S. 11#(KIDS) - 5#(WOMEN)

EU: 28 - 37#



2. Product Introduction of Childrens Insoles

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According to clinical evidence, this product can minimizes children's pronation and   the chance of injury – on and off the field – also enhance youngster's balance,posture and stability,it's for you and your child's increase convenience. At the same time, the goods will help foster healthy biomechanics and an overall active lifestyle when youngsters' bodies rapidly grow.

Lightweight EVA material provides customers with optimum comfort and support as well as superior balance control ,protects customers from shocks in some extentand ,as well as promotes energy recovery every step of the way.

Our Products Biomechanical Design Triangular Movement Technique to stabilize and re-adjust your foot, help your child's lower extremity bone structure to adjust to the right positionand as it's thermoformed arch support.

We are offer custom insoles and to prefabricate insoles service. If you want to know more, please send us an email, we are dedicated to serve you!


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