Pronation Orthotic Insoles

Pronation Orthotic Insoles

592 arch support orthotics is one of our best kids heat-moldable insoles, in semi-rigid, creating customizable Arch support.It's unique deep heel cup control the calcaneus in nature,like stabilizer to maintain the balance of foot perfectly.


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1.Product Specification of the Pronation Orthotic Insoles

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Model:  592
Main Material:Blue Velvet + White Soft Eva + Black punched rigid Rubber for supporting

U.S. KID'S 3# - 2#

EU: 18 - 34#

MOQ: 1000prs

2.Product Introduction of the Pronation Orthotic Insoles

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It can help youngsters develop proper balance and alignment. As the youngsters' bodies rapidly grow, the inserts will help foster healthy biomechanics and an overall active lifestyle.

Wear-moldable Arch Supports. Biomechanical Tri-Planar Motion technology stabilizes and realigns your feet. Clinically proven to minimize pronation. Align your little one’s lower limb bone structure into proper position. Protects from shock and promotes energy return with every step.

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