Diabetic Orthotic Insoles

Diabetes mellitus must have good controlling for the blood sugar, and need one Medicare Functional Insert which can provide protection to prevent ulcer generated. Therefore, Xiamen KON Technology Co.,Ltd study want to find out which insole material and thickness are the best to decrease shearing force and pressure of foot, and to prevent the ulcer generated. 100 subjects include Diabetes Mellitus patients with ulcer history and normal adult to participate in this study. The equipment of this study were 10 meter walkway included AMTI force plates and a plate of RS scan and the measurement instrument of static coefficient of friction manufacture by myself . Collecting and comparing the foot plantar pressure and shear force and the static coefficient of friction under the 6 kinds of insole materials and the standard situation of noninsole with 2 types socks and barefoot. Then find out the best insole material and thickness for diabetic foot. The result were that the characteristic for stopping slip and comfortable the material of PPT with 6mm thickness is the best. Using the material of Plastazote with 6mm thickness in medial forefoot and rearfoot, can decrease much plantar pressure. According to the data of this study, this functional insole not only Diabetes Mellitus patients but also normal people can use. Besides, suggest that the different side must using the different insole material in different region of foot. It can match the best design for everyone.
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