Eva Blockers & Top Covers for CAD/CAM Milling

Specially supply raw materials that Pedorthist; Prosthetist & Orthotist use in their labs, such as EVA Sheet for CNC milling processing, Top cushioning Materials,  and Pre-laminated, Pre-skived Blockers, Slope Strips, each custom combinations can be satisfied to Save the Max Cost.

All of the Eva specifications can be customized, depend on your requirement. This material is specially formulated, the greatest feature is grindable.

Foot Impression Box

eva foam block

EVA Foam Blocks

cork eva sheet

Cork EVA Sheet



eva block suppliers

Dual Laminated Durometer Materials

Eva block

Multi-laminated Durometer Materials

eva foam block supplier

Blockers for CAD/ CAM Milling (Joint)

eva sheet

Single Durometer Eva Materials

eva block

Slope Strip (Skiving)

Camouflage EVA

Camouflage EVA

eva duck block

Single Density Duck Blocks

eva duck block

Dual Density Duck Blocks

eva duck block

Single Density Trap Blocks

eva block

Dual Density Trap Blocks

eva block

Dual Density Blocks

Eva roll

Eva in Rolls

TOP Cover Sheet

(RB, SBR, CR, NEOPRENE, Leather,Fabric,
Microfiber, Ortholite, etc)



Neoprene Foam



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