Heat Moldable Inserts

Heat Moldable Inserts

M+3-1 orthotic insoles offer Transvers arch support specially.and quite easy to be corrected by heating. Help to correct weight distribution and posture problems. Expeically the unique Arrow design give extra strength for propulsion in movement to relieve pressure at MTPJ.It's the best fit for athlete and casual


Transvers arch support

Heat Moldable

Heat Moldable orthotic insoles


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1.Heat Moldable Inserts

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Main Material

Microfiber + White Soft Eva + Blue Fabric Bottom + Hot-melt Adhesive for Heatmoldable


U.S. MEN 6# - 12+

EU: 35 - 46#



2. Product Introduction of Heat Moldable Inserts

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Our productsis not only focus on corrective effects, but also providing users with the most comfortable corrective experience.’Carefully design every detail and try to make the best of it.’is our purpose.

arch support

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Q: Do you make insoles for children?

A: Yes. We rarely treat children under the age of two, and, normally between 2 and 5 if a child is experiencing painful symptoms, as the feet need time to developing. Our orthodontic insoles are designed to prevent the deformation of the child's foot in the growth process so that they have a pair of healthy and beautiful feet.Our company takes into account the child grow longer in the foot, in particular, set up a growth insoles.Here you are welcome to contact us if you are interested.


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