Heat Moldable Shoe Inserts

Heat Moldable Shoe Inserts

M+3 can be heated by Hair-Dryer simply. The heel cut-out make heel spurs free,entire fitting feet exactly for shocks and impact,absorption.Be well-wearing for all kinds of activities.


Heat Moldable insoles

Velvet insoels


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1.Heat Moldable Shoe Inserts

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Main Material

Sublimated Graphic Velvet + Orange Poliyun +   Polyester Fabric Bottom + Hot-melt Adhesive for Heatmoldable


U.S. MEN 6# - 12+

EU: 35 - 46#



2. Product Introduction of Heat Moldable Shoe Inserts

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This is a high quality heat-moldable orthotic insole,it offer excellent cushioned arch support. Best for sports and active lifestyle.   

Help to correct weight distribution and posture problems and provide protection for your feet against fungus and odour.

It is possibe to re-mold the orthotic several times,allowing it fit and support to be refined depending on needs and activity.

shoe pad

shoe insoles

Molding Directions

1.Remove I.F. Heat-moldable Orthotics from packaging and set aside.      

2.Remove original insole from your footwear.(If glued in,leave them in place.)

3.You may need to trim toe of your I.F. Heat-moldable Orthotics with scissors for proper fit-use the original shoe insoles as a guide.           

4.Warm up I.F. Heat-moldable Orthotic by Hair-dryer at the Bottom heel part.

5.Heat for 3 minutes.                            

6.Carefully put the I.F. Heat-moldable Orthotic into shoes

7.Step in footwear and stand up straight with toes pointing forward.Do not bend toes. 

8.Bend knees slighty to put your feet into a neutral position and stand still for approximately 1 minute.    

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