Moldable Orthotics

Moldable Orthotics

417 The special Athletic insoles for cycling. It heated arround the bottom heel cup to control the hindfoot and midfoot tightly,the built in Met pad reducing metatarsal and transverse arch bruising. This insoles is the best choice for cycling shoes.


heat moldable shoe inserts

punching Eva insoles

Breathable insoles


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1.Moldable Orthotics

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Main   Material

Sublimated Graphic Velvet + White punching Eva for air circleling + Yellow rigid arch Rubber Supporting + Hot-melt Adhesive with Red Fabric for  Heatmoldable


U.S. MEN 6# - 12+

EU: 35 - 46#




This is a Heat-moldable Insoles. Design fits for cycling sports and an active lifestyle.

Application of breathable material, makes the insole achieve excellent air permeability.

It is good for reduces metatarsal and transverse arch bruising. The design of professional podiatrist, more   accurate and effective



1.Remove original insole from your footwear.            

2.Remove our product from packaging (You may need to trim toe of the product with scissors for proper fit-use the   original shoe insoles as a guide.)

3.Warm up Heat-moldable Orthotic Insoles by Hair-dryer at the bottom heel part.         

4.Heat for 3 minutes.  

5.Carefully put the  Heat Moldable Orthotic Insoles into shoes

6.Step in footwear and stand up straight with toes pointing forward.Do not bend toes.              

7.Bend knees slighty to put your feet into a neutral position and stand still for approximately 1 minute.     

2. Product Introduction of Moldable Orthotics

Product Introduction.jpg

For superior foot health, your cycling shoes should all have a sports insole in them.

Our product was design by professional podiatrist. It is made from high quality materials, and in strict accordance with medical principles.  If you want to know more about the product, please log in to E - mail contact us.

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