Adult tiptoe walking with which correction insoles
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Flat pad of the existing design principle is wrong, there is no clear mechanical structure of the arch. The bow is to have a string, the string is the arch of the foot plantar fascia (plantar fascia), and it did not pay attention to flat pad, "arch" structure as the "arch" structure to treat, but from below of the plantar fascia force is applied, will cause the plantar fascia (plantar fascia) further relaxation, increased. The plantar fascia relaxation, arch height is lower, more serious.

You can wear a pair of low negative heels, negative heel shoes can reduce forefoot pressure. There is pain, the recovery of walking function, beneficial to the rehabilitation effect. It is an effective forefoot decompression shoe. The plantar pressure changes, helps to exercise foot muscles, relieve ligament burden, is conducive to flatfoot patients to walk, also have to reduce the pain. And it's good for the human body.

Patients generally reflect than wear flat shoes with a stronger ability to walk, the symptoms are lighter. The negative heel is low, can reduce the pressure on the arch of the foot. You can practice, barefoot, step on the foot of about 18 mm thick book, experience the foot symptoms relief. You can also pay attention to wear flat shoes, heel walking experience, whether the symptoms relieved, whether can walk more.