Are Arch Support Insoles Really Necessary?
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Are Arch Support Insoles Really Necessary?

Having to constantly buy and replace your arch support insoles can grow costly and get annoying. If you’re anything like me, you long for the day when you don’t have to wear or buy them ever again. You would love to have perfect feet that don’t depend on any type of special footwear. However, for many foot conditions, it is unavoidable.

The problem is that if you over pronate your feet when you walk, have flat feet, or have bunions, it’s going to take a miracle to eliminate those foot issues and leave you free of depending on any type of arch support insole.

Even walking around the house on weekends barefoot or in your socks, with no arch support, can be enough to make some feet go running to the bathroom for a foot soak or to a foot massage therapist.


You might also notice this same discomfort when wearing your flip flops, or sandals during the summer time. Thin, cheaply made sandals can be exhausting to your feet  because they aren’t designed with any arch support insoles to match the anatomy of your feet.


The reason arch support insoles work extremely well is that they prop up your foot’s arch so that your foot muscles don’t fatigue. Until recently, 99% of the shoes on the market lacked any type of arch support insoles. However, that is changing finally.


First, orthopedic sandals were created. These were the best thing to happen to feet with bunions, flat feet and those with wide feet. Finally, fashionable orthopedic sandals were available that had built in arch support insoles. It meant long-lasting all day and all night comfort.