Calcaneus pain caused by foot pain
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Calcaneus pain caused by foot pain

         Most of the foot pain is caused by calcaneal spurs in the human body heel of the skin outside the patella, there is a flexible fat pad, the body weight in the foot load when walking, the cushion plays a role in the buffer, so that the calcaneus does not directly impact Ground.With age, this cushion will degenerative changes will lose the role of elasticity.While the increase in body weight will increase the weight of both feet, plantar stress increases, a long time will lead to the formation of pathological changes Bone spurs.When the heel touches the ground slightly, how is the foot ache? The spicules stimulate the peripheral nerves of the surrounding tissues, causing the patient to feel pain.

      Treatment of the disease should first reduce the weight of patients with this disease should reduce the weight of the disease, so that the plantar reduction of stress to reduce plantar power .. Acute pain should reduce standing and walking time, and heel can be added Flexible soft insole to cushion the strength of heel force.Patients can use a blunt instrument to stimulate pain points or massage at any time so that it gradually formed a new protective pad can also go to the hospital partially closed treatment to eliminate the local inflammatory response And achieve analgesic effect.Great severe spur can take a radical resection and cure.Oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic drug treatment; correction insole plantar fascia tension, reduce irritation, relieve pain Do not let the foot over fatigue.If the heel has been With the phenomenon of pain and inflammation, you should stop the exercise, let the ligaments fully rest more calcium supplement will be better.

      Prevention: outdoor activities. Jogging, walking, cycling, playing table tennis, etc., to maintain the heel joints, ligaments have good flexibility and toughness. To reduce the squeeze. If you want to participate in the long distance hiking, such as tourism, hiking , It is best to wear soft end, better elastic shoes or thicker insoles shoes. Self-massage. Sitting cross-legged to the palm of your hand push the foot plate, from the heel to the direction of the toe push, the number is not limited. Round bar, rolling back and forth, can improve the plantar blood circulation, relax tension, fatigue plantar plantar muscle.This article introduces you to "what is the matter of foot pain", I hope you know about this, and according to the relevant treatment Timely treatment, so as to stay away from the pain caused by foot pain, easy life.