Difference between ordinary insoles and custom insoles
- Feb 24, 2018 -

Difference between ordinary insoles and custom insoles

      Ordinary people with insoles, the purpose is to reduce foot pressure to prevent excessive impact with the ground, and requires a certain degree of support for the arch of the bow protection.

      Ordinary mass production of insoles, are molded EVA insoles, latex sponge insoles, high end will be more density, or hardened TPU support pads, or affixed to a flexible PORON, or memory foam insoles. Molded insoles process is relatively simple, the price is relatively cheaper.

      Another perfusion PU foam insoles, foam PU, soft and flexible cushioning decompression of the characteristics of the average person is considered a very comfortable and durable material, but the higher price of insoles, the material is also used Not cheap, usually as a more upscale insoles.

     There are silicone insoles, TPE insole, the price in the high-end price, many ordinary people can not afford. The custom insoles, the main purpose is to overcome and prevent athlete injury, improve training intensity and effectiveness, as well as provide competition protection. Custom insoles, the most suitable for the dispersion of plantar pressure, effectively support the arch, balance flip, reduce the rotation of the foot to prevent foot injury, protect the athletes.

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