Feet Aching? Head Out To The Insole Store
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Feet Aching? Head Out To The Insole Store


The Insole Store



If your feet are aching, The Insole Store located at 338 Sharon Amity Road, Suite 144 in Charlotte, North Carolina is your solace. Filled with insoles, shoe inserts, arch supports, ¾ orthotics and full orthotics to meet the needs of any foot.


Staff at Ideastep understand what many people don’t understand about shoes and feet:

  1. The Way Shoes are Made

Most shoes are made from molds that may or may not fit your feet. If your feet are not perfect, you’ll eventually develop any number of foot issues. These foot issues could have been prevented by replacing the insoles in the shoes with ones that are either customized to fit your feet or will match your feet.


  1. What Feet are Really Like

Most pairs of shoes are a mirror image of each other. The right shoe matches exactly the left shoe. However, if you are like most people, you’ll have one foot slightly larger than the other, or one foot with a toenail or bunion problem. Insoles and inserts or orthotics can help balance out your feet. 


  1. Foot Discomfort is Not Normal

Your feet were made to withstand a lot of pressure from the combination of gravity and body weight. However, pain and discomfort is not something that is normal. Often the discomfort you may be feeling may be remedied by something as simple as insoles, inserts or orthotics. 


  1. Health Prevention Starts With Your Feet

Many health conditions in the feet could have been prevented if only you had seen a qualified health practitioner. However, many health practitioners may not know a lot about shoes, arches in the feet, and how to support them. At The Insole Store, we’ll start out with showing you how to determine whether or not your arches are high, medium, or low. Once you know this, you can more easily determine what insoles, inserts or orthotics are best for your feet.


  1. How to Fit Your Foot to Orthotics, Inserts and Insoles



Have you noticed that just about every topic these days is more detailed than ever? The Insole Store website is packed with

information to help you decide what your foot needs, or to fulfill the criteria for what your podiatrist has recommended. The Insole Store staff are knowledgeable about products you can wear for walking, running, bicycling, hiking, court sports, winter sports and even just standing around for hours at work, which can also be a strain on the feet.


Make your feet happy and you’ll be happier. Head on down to The Insole Store today.