Flat foot what matters needing attention?
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Flat foot what matters needing attention?

          Flatfoot is caused by the arch is not normal, if serious, it will be accompanied by pain, known as flat foot syndrome. Flat foot people stand or walk more tired than ordinary people more uncomfortable, walking a little more, they will be very tired. Due to the special arch, they need more exercise. So, flatfoot people need to pay attention to what it should be how to treat it? Here are some precautions and therapies:

         In the case of the arch has not yet been well formed, barely practicing walking, body weight pressure in the foot, easy to make the arch too heavy and gradually lead to flat feet. For preschool children, they should not be restricted from playing barefoot or wearing thin shoes. Usually wear the right size shoes, it is best to have heel shoes, but girls should not wear high heels.

        For more obvious flat foot patients, or clinical symptoms, under the guidance of a doctor, with a special insoles or wearing special correction shoes, to be corrected. More than 15 years of age, but also can be done every day with toes pick soybeans and trampled logs, shuttlecock and other sports. Youth, especially children with significant weight gain, regular daily foot muscle exercises.

First, the early use of body therapy can also be effective, with toe walking, but also do flexo exercise.

Second, physical therapy, massage, strengthen the foot, muscle training, wear flat foot orthopedic shoes or flatfoot insoles correction.

Third, you can pad in the full longitudinal arch to pad, leather or rubber support pad (0.9cm). If the deformity or non-surgical treatment of ineffective can use a variety of surgical treatment.

Fourth, you can wear flat foot insoles or flatfoot orthopedic shoes, padded inside the heel, the load line to move outward, in order to prevent and reduce foot fatigue. The most common method is to wedge padded inside the heel (0.3 ~ 0.5cm), the purpose is to make the rear foot varus.

The above is what we share, we must pay attention to flat feet, do not wait for serious regret. In addition to the above need to pay attention, flatfoot people usually need to pay attention to diet, can not make yourself overweight, so the burden will be heavier. Usually pay attention to more exercise, appropriate to do some footwork, as long as perseverance, we can certainly be improved.

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