Foot care method
- Feb 11, 2018 -

8 foot health care methods


       Some scientists also believe that the foot is the second heart of human body, there are numerous nerve endings on the soles of the feet connected with the brain, is the body's health care "special zone", foot health law has two characteristics: ① Any person can be carried out anytime, anywhere , Rubbing and tapping method is easy to grasp, time-consuming, venue is not limited. ② based on the theory and diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine,Scientific and operable Chinese meridian theory that the body's internal organs in the foot has a corresponding acupuncture points, the soles of the Meridian is the starting point of convergence, the instep, the soles of the feet, gathered a lot of acupuncture points between the toes;


A, percussion foot soles every night before going to bed with a fist percussion, you can eliminate the day's fatigue and promote blood throughout the body

Circulation, so that visceral function has been strengthened, restore energy. The correct method is based on the soles of feet, rhythmic, slightly painful degree. Each foot about 100 times, not excessive force.

    Second, shaking his legs poor systemic blood circulation, there will be the phenomenon of visceral disorders, headache, loss of appetite and other signs. Simple stimulation of the foot can promote blood circulation. Supine in bed, let your feet shake in the air, and then let your feet rotate like a bicycle. As long as 5-6 minutes, systemic blood circulation will be improved. If people who are afraid of cold in winter practice this method, they will feel warm and help to improve their sleep.

    Third, walking barefoot to get the chance to exercise. Foot palm is an important part of maintaining the balance of the human body, healthy people have a strong foot palm. Walking as much as possible to stimulate the soles of your feet, try walking the pebble road. Having 5 toe movements is also a big plus for barefoot walking. For physical health, at home as much as possible from the shoes and socks in the liberation, the implementation of barefoot walking.

    Fourth, sunbathing sunbathing is to promote the body's natural health therapy. Let the sole called "the second heart" receive the sunshine bath. Get unexpected health benefits. UV rays in the sun stimulate the soles of the feet, which can promote the body's metabolism and enhance the function of internal organs. The practice of sunbathing people, cold throughout the year is not easy.

    Five, pressing the heel long-term desk work easily formed humpback.

The easiest way to correct this posture is to stimulate the heel. The back is bent because the muscles on both sides of the spine that support visceral weight become weak, and only the muscles on both sides of the spine stimulate the back upright. The muscles on both sides of the spine are connected to the heel by the bladder. Stimulating the heel can correct the hunched posture by using your fingers to press the neck over the heel and feel pain.

    Six, kneading the toes rubbing the toes to enhance the role of memory.

You can use both hands to grasp the big toe feet do circular rubbing exercise, rub several times a day, each 2-3 minutes. You can also use your hand circular motion to rub outside the little toe, because the brain computing power and the cerebellum closely, and the little toe is the reflex of the cerebellum, so rubbing the little toe helps to enhance the computing power of the brain.

     Seven, foot bath At the beginning of the water should not be more, soaked in toes, the water temperature at 40-50 ℃. Soak for a while, and then gradually add water above the ankle, the water temperature remained at about 60 ℃. At the same time keep their feet moving or rubbing each other to promote the flow of water. Every time for 20-30 minutes, to feel the body heat is better. If alternating hot and cold water bath feet, but also receive treatment of headache, insomnia, angina, rhinitis, bronchitis, foot pain and other effects.

       Eight, foot massage Insomnia can make your feet close together friction, so that blood circulation. When the feet feel warm, you can sleep soundly in a short time. The method is supine in bed, lift both feet hard friction with each other,If both hands friction at the same time better. As long as the friction force about 20 times, the foot will feel warm, drowsiness also coming.