Foot Orthotic Insoles
- Jan 10, 2018 -

          Orthopedic Insoles Based on the biomechanics of the foot, the unique double-density 100% EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) structure allows for the creation and addition of a wide range of     modificationsOrthopedic Shoe Inserts and declination to orthopedic insoles making it a   customizable orthopedic insole that can be used Gypsum mold, fixed   directly on the patient's foot, can provide adequate foot space and   protection. Orthopedic insoles can be heated and molded into the foot of   a  patient or gypsum mold, or ground and formed using a bench grinder,   and can be bent and heated at varying degrees of bending (the same can   be eliminated by heating). Orthopedic insoles in accordance with   biomechanical principles to normal norm to create (that is, based on the     normal structure of the human body structure), set the angle of 5 ° heel   varus to enhance to the maximum force and walking angle, 42 ° sagittal tilt So that the balance and coordination with pelvic support and stability. Custom insoles, foot care, increase walking time, exercise energy has a good effect. Combining unique angles and curves in the design, the patented Dual Density System offers patients the dual benefits of support and comfort.