Great toe extroversion
- Jun 13, 2018 -

                                Great toe extroversion

Orthomorphia for hallux valgus is refers to the great toe 15 degrees outward tilt is greater than the physical aspects of a kind of abnormal symptoms, its main cause is located at the base of the big toe joint dislocation, cause big toe to the lateral bending, thumb phalanges head outward, in addition to squeeze into the other toes, it is easier for the friction caused due to wear shoes inside big toe joint or dorsal swelling, inflammation, and highlight the outer edge of the bone is also easy to form a thick skin and slippery bursa, permanent deformation caused by toes, pain is associated with.

The early clinical symptoms as the first plantar bone pain and swelling of the bump, local skin irritation of inflammation, and even skin ulcer, serious can make big toe more likely to overlap with the second toe, make cock toes strength weak, gradually can't keep balance while standing, bending and stability to be in harmony for all kinds of action, finally cause the foot tendons and fascia pain, stiffness, inflammation and spikes of pressure when the foot pain intensified, will enable patients to wear shoes, lead to daily life and moved about on foot is affected by a lot of.

The main reason

The causes of thumb pronation can be divided into congenital factors and acquired factors. Congenital factors are caused by joints, nerves, muscles and so on. For example: flat foot, heredity and the reduction and imbalance of plantar tendons, so as to reduce the function of foot sole, resulting in instability and deformation. Acquired factors are caused by wearing shoes don't fit me, usually due to wear high heels, too sharp and too narrow shoes, the heel not fixed, the extrusion friction caused by the toes and oppression, stretching and activities that are not only influence the toes, causing discomfort and pain, also can destroy the function of originally three footing, and body weight when walking on foot front-end, toes will compression deformation gradually because of the body weight, can cause the phenomenon of hallux valgus. For example: popular high heels, witch shoes and so on are the biggest culprits of thumb pronation.

How to prevent bunion:

When shopping for shoes, buy a pair of wide lasting shoes with enough space for your toes to move, so as to reduce the pressure on your toes. In addition to the standard shoes correctly arch design, has the strong effect of shock absorption, relief, let you walk the feet on the whole body weight evenly distributed in the foot, toe will not oppressed by poor distribution, cause inflammation, ligament is flabby, it is also important factor. So wearing improper shoes for a long time to walk, it is easy to cause thumb overturning and cause inflammation and pain. Wearing current market high - class pointed witch shoes, thick - heeled shoes, high heel shoes, the rate of thumb flip is higher than the average person.

How to improve

In terms of symptoms is light person, as long as the change in width in the early of shoes, slippers, or by soaking with warm water and wearing has a curved arch of the foot pad or dress paw of support design shoes, to relieve the standing and walking will focus on the tiptoe of pressure, in order to reduce the burden of the toes, in with life assistive devices to correct for hallux valgus rectifying, can ease pain, temporarily limit toe cyst deteriorating even further. Long-term adherence to bunion orthotic correction can be improved. If symptoms are severe, and the unbearable pain, has affected the daily life, need to consider to adopt the way of operation and professional tailor-made orthopedic shoe bow pad to alleviate pain and uncomfortable feeling, bone reconstruction and soft tissue balance in order to achieve. However, complications such as inflammation of the wound, swelling of the foot or re-varus of the thumb and toe may occur after the operation, so detailed evaluation is still needed.

Hallux valgus is quite common for adults, which is currently the best treatment is still inconclusive, suggestion the symptoms of hallux valgus doubt, should be to have professional foot diagnostic equipment units for thorough foot inspection, to select the most appropriate treatment, and according to the degree of the part of the patient pain, deformity, to consider and choose the best way to improve treatment.

The four stages

1 reversible stage of hallux valgus: the toe pronation is about 10 degrees, which affects the appearance of thumbling.

Hallux valgus contracture stage 2: hallux eversion 10 to 20 degrees, have inflammation in joints and ligaments first. The second toe is pressed, the sole of the foot even significantly wider, soles of the feet of cocoon, walking for a long time may cause big toe joint pain and foot pain.

Severe hallux valgus: the big toe is 20 to 40 degrees, the toes overlap, the crossbow collapses.

Stage 4 big toe deformity: hallux eversion above 40 degrees, toe end of the mission, the great toe serious overlap, toe is not force, arch collapse, it is difficult to walk, foot toe part under pressure directly, a foot calluses, feet serious errors negative force, each joint is difficult to coordinate operations, bring about human body life made negative power line change, cause knee joint inflammation Lumbar acerbity backache, etc.

Preventive treatment

1 ancient someone to disable behavior, let the girl at the age of five or six foot binding, outside of the great toe with long cloth four toes, together with the broken foot bent to the arch, forming a "bamboo" "huangdi zhuxue". Its miserably painful, can imagine, such doing is in general in the elder's pressure undertakes below. Mothers or grandmothers ignore their children's tears and cries to fulfill their responsibilities and ensure their children's future marriage.

Nowadays, high-heeled pointed shoes are popular, especially for women, who are still willing to be beautiful prisoners in front of a pair of beautiful shoes. The price women pay for beauty is that they are more than four times as likely to have foot problems as men. Because the toes of compressed together for a long time for hallux valgus. Overlapping toes. Corns. Feet cocoon. Arch collapse foot diseases such as negative force errors and bone complications arise constantly attack. Seriously affect the normal walking ability, and physical health.

Wear shoes recommended


1: the sole is good at grasping the ground with the ground.

2: the thickness of the back foot of the sole should not exceed one centimeter of the front foot.

3: the heel of the sole should have a certain damping function.

4: keep your heels on.

5: the 3d space of shoes should be suitable for feet. It is best to choose shoes that can be adjusted, such as lacing.

6: maintain 1-1.5cm movement space before wearing shoes and toes normally.

7: it is recommended to buy shoes in the afternoon.

8: when buying shoes, you should try shoes with both feet. You should try to walk more often. Your feet are different in size, so as to avoid improper wearing back.

9. You can wear the five-toe slippers developed by lixing tiandi. The five-toe slippers can help correct bunion

10. The customized scientific arch design of cumin orthopedic shoes, with three points of force, allows the shoes to reduce the reaction force on the foot

Correct remind

Foot health = good lifestyle + long term persistence

1. Be prepared to persist in correction for a certain period of time.

2: there is an adjustment period for bunion correction. It is ok to start minor correction, and gradually increase the correction strength with the correction process.

3: maintain 8 hours of correction time every day, and feel uncomfortable during the adjustment period can reduce the time.

4: the effect of bunion correction should be based on bone age, bunion symptoms, correction time and proper life support.

5: bunion correction period is between 3 and 5 months.

6: bunion is easy to recur in both surgery and life support. Therefore, we should stick to the habit of interval correction for a long time and avoid wearing shoes with toes pressed and heels too high.

7. Develop good foot care knowledge and habits, learn the rehabilitation and rehabilitation exercises of minster bunion correction, and exercise the toes flexibly and effectively.

8: before night bunion correction, please first use about 50 degrees of bunion to move the foot. Avoid rigid feet.

Outer characteristics

Bunion is when the toe is tilted outward. About half of the patients have a genetic history and a high incidence in the family, but many are caused by wearing high heels or wearing shoes too small or too thin when young.

Bunion can lead to a series of pathological changes in the foot. Bunion can cause the first metatarsal to turn inward and the front of the foot to widen. The foot's negative focus changes and the foot often feels tired. Due to the first metatarsal internal turnover, the first metatarsal bone is often stimulated by friction, extrusion, etc., forming osteophytes and forming pseudo synovial sac on the surface. The skin thickens and forms the corpus callosum. As a result of constant friction, there will be bursitis, skin ulcers, infection. At this time, the pain is heavy, affecting walking. Hallux valgus deformities continue to aggravate, the first metatarsal joint subluxation and osteoarthritis will appear. At this point, articular cartilage is damaged, bone hyperplasia, and joint space Narrows, leading to limited joint function. This is the main characteristic of bunion in middle and old age.

The second toe is pushed up, above the big toe, forming a mallet toe. The skin above the second toe is thickened or ulcerated by the friction of the shoe. The inside of the base of the big toe is prominent and the skin thickens and becomes tender. There is local swelling, redness and obvious pressure pain when synovitis occurs. Due to the negative weight of the foot changes, the foot is under pressure, the skin thickens, pain. Osteoarthritis of the first metatarsophalangeal joint in the late stage, restricted movement, increased pain, walking is affected.

The X - ray showed that the great toe was tilted outward and the space between the first and second metatarsal bones increased. The inner part of the first metatarsal bone forms osteophytes. In the late stage, the first metatarsophalangeal joint space Narrows and there is hyperplasia of bone around the joint.

The majority of patients are formed in the youth, and the prevention of middle-aged and elderly patients is mainly to prevent the aggravation of deformity and delay the occurrence of osteoarthritis. Patients with bunion should wear loose shoes and thick insoles to reduce friction and irritation to the feet. Soak your feet frequently with warm water and massage your toes to improve blood circulation. Frequent and sufficient movement of the toe can enhance the nutrition of articular cartilage and the muscle strength of the internal muscle of the foot, prevent the damage of articular cartilage and delay the occurrence of osteoarthritis.