Heat Moldable Footbeds: How to Fit for the Custom Feel to Your Feet
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Heat Moldable Footbeds: How to Fit for the Custom Feel to Your Feet


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Heat moldable footbeds are essentially insoles that can fit your foot exactly.  When they are heated, they conform to your feet. Heat moldable footbeds are a boon to anyone who has less than perfect feet. This is because the insoles created for shoes on the market are made for the masses, not for your particular individual foot.  When you have an insole that fits your own foot perfectly, you will feel balance, stability and less fatigue in the foot muscles than when you don’t.

On the bottom of some heat moldable footbeds is a little indicator light that is white. Check the bottom of yours right now. The white color will change to black when the heat moldable footbeds are ready to insert into your shoes.





  1. First make sure that the heat moldable footbeds will fit inside your shoes. Trim them if you have to make adjustments.

  2. Preheat oven for 10 minutes to 200 degrees Fahrenheit

  3. Place the heat moldable footbeds into the oven on the oven rack.

  4. “Cook” for two minutes and only two minutes.

  5. Now check the indicator to see if it has changed to black. The heat moldable footbeds are warm to the touch. If the indicator is black, they are ready to place inside your shoes.

  6. Next put your shoes on. Stand with your feet at shoulder width. Your toes should point straight ahead. Make sure your kneecaps come over your second toe. Your knees will be bent temporarily during this process. Thus, you may have to adjust your body so this happens. This will allow the front part of the heat moldable footbed to be set.

  7. Next stand straight for about a minute.

  8. Now your heat moldable footbeds are adjusted to your feet.


When your feet are totally supported, you will notice less fatigue during the day. Heat moldable footbeds are one of the secrets that athletes use to work out harder and longer – without massive fatigue