Heel pain causes
- Jan 23, 2018 -

Heel pain causes

       Normally: It's normal for us to have a heel ache for a long time, but if there is a lasting heel ache we should find out why, because of the external cause of the heel ache, or of our body resulting in?

      The plantar fascia of the human foot is a tissue structure that maintains the longitudinal arch of the foot, which starts from the calcaneal plantar surface nodule and stretches forward, and is divided into five segments near the metatarsal head and is respectively attached to the proximal toe of the toe. The muscle attached to its deep surface. Metatarsophalangeal joint dorsiflexion, flexor toe flexor shortening, weight and other three forces focused on the calcaneal plantar surface nodules, its considerable force. Long-term, sustained, too large Of the traction stimuli that can cause chronic (degenerative) lesions at the plantar fascia attachment to the plantar facet of the calcaneus resulting in periostitis or fibromyalgia, all of which contribute to the heel ache.

      Heel pain is how is it? Heel pain is mostly caused by congenital deficiency or acquired dystrophy, and increased age and other factors caused by physical decline, the organization of organ degenerative changes, weakness, weakness, ligament laxity, leading to lower arch, plantar fascia The tension increased, the starting point by the pulling force is more concentrated and more powerful, therefore, the body or the decline is the root cause of heel pain occurs, so with the pain occurred in middle-aged after plantar fascia attachment In the long-term, sustained, excessive tension stimuli, can appear calcific, in order to increase the ligament strength, resistance to increasing traction (manifested as spur formation) with pain onset is slow, can have a few months or a few Years of history. The main complaint of heel and plantar pain, standing just after the break to start walking aggravate, take a few steps can be alleviated .In the heel plantar surface or heel plantar surface at the middle there are localized tenderness .Particular patient foot With spur formation, but the spur is not the main cause of heel pain caused by heel pain is due to a variety of reasons we need to specific analysis.

      If you have found this symptom, it should pay attention to, heel pain may have a certain relationship with osteoarthritis, should cause some attention, to avoid disease affect their health.Choosing the right treatment and timely treatment is very important.