How to choose the shoe insoles for arch support?
- Jun 11, 2018 -

1.Flat foot (solid foot)

The flat foot is caused by the relaxation of the plantar ligament

It is usually caused by foot skeletal muscle abnormality and genetic factors.

The vast majority of patients with flat feet have no obvious discomfort, but severe flat feet can occur after walking and tiredness.

Feeling tired and sore feet,

There may be swelling in the center of the foot and the back of the foot,

The scaphoid nodule had obvious swelling and tenderness.

Even secondary back pain and hip and knee pain


2.Thumb pronation

Due to congenital dysplasia or wearing pointed shoes for a long time, the toe of the foot is pressed by external forces and the toe is forced to turn out.

For example, wearing shoes with high, pointed, and narrow heels will make the heel hard to fix, causing friction and compression on the toes, and accelerating the formation of thumb pronation.

And this is represented by a disarticulation of the bottom of the big toe, a lateral bend of the big toe,

Cause the toe to protrude out.


3.Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fascia is a kind of fanned fascia tissue with wide band of plantar, which is a good support for arch.

It can absorb the ground reaction force and provide flexibility for walking.

But the fascia is overstretched,

It can cause abnormal deformation or inflammation, such as excessive physical activity, such as standing for too long, obesity, pregnancy, and wearing inappropriate shoes for too long.


4.Heel spur

The heel spur is the plantar aponeurosis long term traction of the heel bone,

The resulting hyperosteogeny.

Most bone spurs have no obvious pain,

Some of them can cause chronic pain while standing or walking.

Currently, there are many medicines for bone spurs.

But there is no such thing as a specific drug that dissolves or removes bone spurs.

Because bone spurs are a kind of compensatory osseous substance produced by normal bone growth, no difference from the hardness of human bone.

It has a fine structure similar to that of a normal skeleton,

The ingredients were the same without any pathological changes.



5.The lower limbs are unequal in length

The unequal length of both lower limbs is caused by the slow development of one side of lower limbs or the short shrinkage and healing of fracture, but also by the deformity of hip, knee and ankle joints.

Because the lumbar vertebra of normal people has certain compensatory function to the unequal length of lower limbs,

So on one side of the lower limbs shorten ㎝ under 1 can not be high.

Shorten the patients above 1 ㎝,

Walking and standing for a long time can cause the pelvis to tilt, scoliosis, claudication, fatigue and low back pain, and need to be raised.


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Shoe Insoles For Arch Support