How to treat heel pain
- Jan 22, 2018 -

                                                         How to treat heel pain?

          Heel pain refers to the pain on one or both sides of the heel, red is not swollen, walking inconvenience. Also known as heel pain. Is due to the heel bone, joints, bursa, fascia and other diseases caused by the disease. Common for plantar fasciitis, often occurs in long standing or walking, long-term, chronic minor injuries. Lateral X-ray films show calcaneus spurs. However, there is not necessarily a spur with heel pain, plantar fasciitis does not necessarily spur. Treatment can be surgery, physiotherapy and drugs and other methods.

Treatment principles

1. Surgical treatment

(1) heel spur resection For refractory calcaneus pain, X-ray confirmed spur.

(2) calcaneal surgery on the high calcaneal pressure for the purpose of reducing the increased pressure within the calcaneus, the treatment of intractable painless without spur with the pain.

(3) calcaneal nerve resection For no reason refractory heel pain can be used this method.

(4) calcaneal bursa is to calcaneal tubercle and calcaneal bursa removed.

(5) The aim of calcaneal osteotomy of flatfoot is to increase the angle of the calcaneus by osteotomy of the calcaneus, so that the calcaneus has a good biological scaffold.


2. Medication

Oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic drug treatment; tender point injection of prednisolone acetate, once a week, often 2 to 3 times cured. Followed by bursitis often occurs in the Achilles tendon and the skin, caused by friction and damage, the performance of cyst fluid, swelling tenderness. Avoid friction and intracapsular injection of prednisolone acetate effective.

Of course, the appropriate correction insoles can also effectively alleviate and prevent heel pain.

Orthotic insoles