How to treatment of foot eversion?
- Jan 29, 2018 -

How to treatment of foot eversion?

         Clinical foot valgus susceptible populations are many, including children. As the occurrence of child footpick severely affects children's life and activities, it is recommended that effective treatment of children as soon as possible.

1, manual correction method: generally suitable for less than 6 months or lighter type. As soon as it is born, the sooner the better. By the physician to teach the mother or lead children, the first correction of anterior adduction anterior, and then correct the talar joint varus, and then correct the ankle plantar flexion. Method should be gentle, so as not to damage the epiphyseal. Each correction position for 10 seconds, each 10-15 minutes. Generally advocated before feeding.

2, plaster tube external fixation: plaster tube fixation will cause inconvenience to children with the action, mainly for March -1 years old, and cut plaster to be replaced every 2 to 3 months, that rehabilitation.

3, surgical treatment: is the most common method, but the operation to explain the condition to be more serious, mainly for 6 months or more, the method can not be corrected in children, but the effect of the surgery can not be the same with the disease will be different . 1) Soft pedicle back lysis, suitable for 6 months to 6 years old children.

2) Lateral column shortening surgery, adapted to children with severe deformity more than 3 years old, in the medial and posterior soft tissue release at the same time, the line with the dice of the cuboid or calcaneus wedge resection, or lateral calcaneal osteotomy Surgery.

3) three joint fusion, adapted to patients with severe deformity over the age of 12.

4, massage: As the child is too young, the conservative treatment of its effect is better, including massage with the blood circulation, dredge the effect of network, more suitable for the treatment of children foot valgus.

5, acupuncture: acupuncture treatment of foot valgus treatment, the effect is good, but when the child acupuncture, the child is easy to move, therefore, the treatment effect is limited.

6, exercise therapy: easy-moving character for children, the use of exercise therapy for children with foot valgus for treatment. Clinically more commonly used method for crawling exercise, because crawling is conducive to children to increase knee control, coordination of their exercise, long-term adherence, the effect is good.

7, crawling training, knee flexion, help correct knee anti-Zhong, while increasing knee control and coordination of their athletic ability, knee flexion and extension is dorsiflexion training to improve extensor strength, coordination of antagonistic muscle capacity.

 8, squat training, knee flexion when squatting 9 degrees, when standing knee should be 140-160, to avoid knee hyperextension. Tips: The effect of treatment is also with the severity of the illness of children, in order to think after the child, in the choice of treatment is also to be carefully considered. 

Experts point out: Of course, the sooner the newborns get sick, the better the treatment, so do not delay the discovery of the existence of the disease, so as not to misuse the child's life.

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