How to use low arch orthotics?
- Jun 25, 2018 -

At the bottom of the human foot must bear the total weight of all the body, in order to cooperate with and adapt to various environment required on foot, born in a little two feet griffin has 52 pieces of bones and joints, numerous links brawn is extremely complex, let us everyone is free to do walk, stop, run, jump, turn, such as backward, landing action.Three arches are formed between the front part of the foot and the back part of the foot, which is a structural shock absorber designed to cope with the body weight and the strong pressure brought by gravity.Arch form in addition to help human steady pace when walking upright, when standing still can make keep balance, reduce the influence of impact on human, and then the activities such as running, jumping and adapt to the environment.

 Human arch of the foot in early childhood, with the age gradually development, as well as all the activities of daily life environment is different, on the plantar stimulation training, foot foot GongCai slowly forming.Some foot problems, such as children's flat feet, can also be improved by the effective establishment of the arch.So the children grow up the developmental process of arch is particularly important, must be timely intervention, to make arch and improve the development of growth, and produce three structural arch arch type, and each the arch of the foot will also because some factors in the sky after congenital or to form a different state of arch, and the arch length, height, Angle will be different because of this, this is also the basic reasons for the formation of various kinds of foot symptoms.

Introduction to low arch insoles

First arch: the medial arch is located between the first metatarsal bone and the heel of the hind foot.The height of this arch varies from person to person and can be roughly divided into :(1) low arch (2) high arch (3) flat foot.2, the second arch: the second arch structure is located in the ministry of the first metatarsal and fifth metatarsal between roots, by the second, third, fourth plantar head float formed arch type, which is what we call cross bow (metatarsus bow).

Third arch: the lateral arch is located at the root of the fifth metatarsal bone and before the heel of the hind heel.

By the help of the three arch structure, make we were walking and ground reaction force of gravity will buffer greatly reduced, and make the center of gravity when walking can smoothly transfer to the right place, produce the balance of the body, and a variety of walking movement needed.

Use of low arch support

When people use both feet when standing or walking, mainly by the foot arch support type structure of double supporting the body balance, by the mutual balance of arch structure to settle to stand, the low arch feet structure with shock, flexibility and the action of wind, can absorb shock and disperse weight, help the body standing, walking, running, etc.As the development direction of the arch arch type structure, to carry out a transfer of center of gravity and the ground contact while standing or walking, increase elasticity, foot to produce the balance of the body, finally successfully go walking or standing.

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