No More Tired Feet or Foot Pain
- Jul 13, 2018 -

No More Tired Feet or Foot Pain

Work shoe insoles can be the saving grace for anyone whose job requires them to walk or stand constantly. If you work in construction, the service industry, medicine, on a concrete floor, or any other occupation where you are on your feet all of the time, you most likely already know what it’s like to have these symptoms:


1.Foot swelling at the end of the day

2.Painful blisters or calluses

3.Foot instability during the day

4.Ankle sprains or strains

5.Knee and/or hip pain

6.Back and/or leg pain

7.Foot fatigue


But, do you also know that extra body weight could actually be pounding your feet into the ground? This is true especially if you’re walking on concrete. The first part of your foot that strikes the ground is your heel, and research studies have shown that extra body weight can decrease the fat pad on the heel that absorbs the shock of walking. This can result in chronic pain. Ergonomic experts, industrial experts, and podiatrists agree that if workers can reduce pain in their feet on the job, they can become more productive during their day, feel better, and even have more energy at the end of the day than they usually do. This makes sense being that the body is all connected and pain in the feet can quickly become transferred up higher in the body to the knees, hips and back. From the back, the pain can then be transferred throughout the spine and even the neck, resulting in pain anywhere along the way. Pain is a drain on the energy reserves in the body; so once it’s gone, there’s a boost in energy. Work shoe insoles  decrease foot pain and body pain, and in return, increase energy. Work insoles do this by giving heel support, arch support, cushioning the foot, and supporting the metatarsals in the ball of the foot.