O-leg, foot varus caused by the reason
- Jan 19, 2018 -

           Zero to two years old will present O-shaped legs, two to four years old will become X-shaped legs, and return to normal from the age of five to seven years, at the latest about eight to ten years old, the bones of the feet will restore shape Completely straight, in fact, the above process belongs to the normal physiological pendulum phenomenon, usually after its normal developmental age there are O-shaped legs or X-shaped legs, such as O-shaped legs in the age of 3 also appeared, it is necessary By foot professional medical staff to assess the test, or as shown in the left foot varus phenomenon, which will cause the leg has been stuck in the O-leg, and adults will therefore at most, so heel varus slowly degenerate caused by O-type Leg problem;In addition to many women's heels often become varus foot, may like to wear shoes and plantar fascia tightening and pregnancy-related production process, varus foot plantar pressure will be distributed to the outside, likely to cause the knee medial Too much force and cartilage wear degradation, over time, joint swelling and pain, we must replace the artificial knee to solve the problem of improving the pain, but the foot varus still exists; further up the foot varus can also produce pelvis forward, the Japanese scholars for Waist and iliac joint spine adjustment is also mentioned, this foot varus will affect in addition to causing backache back pain, gynecological problems in women will increase, and even droop and not easily affected by pregnancy and other effects. Therefore, to assess the problem of this foot, heel pad can be added to improve and support the heel back to the correct position to facilitate the normal development of children's feet, while adults can avoid the problem due to the foot, affecting the Knee and other structural forces.

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