Customized Steps For Orthopedic Insoles
- Nov 02, 2017 -

1. diagnostic evaluation. The doctor patients understand the existing problems, propose solutions.

2. plantar pressure test. Through the objective image on the soles of the feet of patients to further verify the diagnosis.

3. types. The model at this stage is called "Yin", in order to transfer the plantar shape of the patient to the model.

4. irrigation type. After the filling type is Yang type entity "".

5. repair type. Fill in the gypsum type according to the requirements above Yang patients and biomechanics.

6. forming. According to the selection of materials of different hardness according to the actual situation, the gypsum model making insole.

7. sanding. The molding insole processing, make insole shapes.

8. sample. Patients wear test, feedback information.