Orthopedic insoles introduced
- Jan 22, 2018 -

                                   Orthopedic insoles introduced

What is orthopedic insoles? Simply put is placed inside the shoes, used to correct and adjust the walking posture of the human body in order to maintain the normal force of the mat.

Our ankles, knees, hips and waist make up the body's lower extremity lines of Physiology. Lower extremity lines of normal or not on human body health has an important role. Foot and ankle medical experts through the foot of the biomechanical mechanism of foot lesions on the physical strength of human body changes in the long-term impact factors, designed and developed with the role of arch support orthopedic insoles. To improve plantar function, relieve foot pressure means to achieve correction of foot deformity, relieve foot pain, to maintain the body's torso reasonable stress purposes. Therefore, orthopedic insoles is actually a medical technology and treatment. Occur after the symptoms of ankle disease tailored orthopedic insoles, is a safe and conservative treatment.

orthopedic insoles

The application of orthopedic insoles can solve and alleviate many symptoms of ankle disease, has a different mechanism of action. Orthopedic insoles through the foot contact with the ground when the angle, as well as changes in the negative point of weight, people stand, walk, run jump feel more comfortable and effective; orthopedic insoles by supporting the role of the arch, to correct and improve the wearer walking When the gait and posture. Such as orthopedic insoles can be corrected varus foot, valgus foot, the inner character, the outer character affecting the health of the bad walking posture; orthopedic insoles through the redistribution of plantar pressure to achieve the purpose of treatment or alleviate some plantar disease. Such as foot pads, corns, tarsometatarsal arthritis, tarsal osteoarthritis, etc .; for those who have had symptoms of foot pain in the elderly, orthopedic insoles can improve the body's lower extremity lines of strength to prevent the occurrence of senile degenerative joint degeneration.

Orthopedic insoles based on different mechanisms of action and the use of functional, divided into many types, and made of different materials. Can be broadly divided into general-purpose orthopedic insoles and orthopedic insoles. General purpose orthopedic insole foot arch size is based on the usual degree of foot arch made, it is adapted to the general population. Some people with foot deformities or foot diseases, through computer testing and based on the results, to tailor-made, according to a specific arch height and angle of the insole, more adapted to the individual wearer, which is tailored Orthopedic insoles.