Orthopedic insoles of the type and how to match
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Orthotic usually refers to various devices used to protect, support or improve the function of the foot placed on the inside of the shoe, which belongs to the most commonly used foot orthoses. According to the main purposes is divided into two categories: one is the adaptability of orthotic insoles, mainly used to accommodate and adapt and protection of stiff deformity or ulceration of the foot disease risk, such as arthritis or other chronic diabetic foot disease; the other is the functional orthotic, mainly by providing support or a solid role to control the flexible the sick enough to prevent further damage and deformation.

There are three basic types of production methods: Prefabricated orthotics and custom and custom - molding. Prefabricated orthotics refers to mass production, without modification and assigned directly to patients.

The prefab insole is only used to provide further support or shock effect to a specific region of the foot or foot. It is characterized by convenient matching, and the price is higher than the custom and custom molding are much cheaper -.

The prefab insole includes the following main types: 1) heel pad to help absorb walking and running heel received ground reaction force generated by shock 2) arch pad is mainly applicable to ordinary arch collapsed in adult patients, the main groups of 3) full foot pad such as diabetic foot ulceration and prevent the use of sterilization and deodorization etc..

Custom made insoles generally include a prefabricated base member, which is then modified to varying degrees on the basis of the patient's needs.

Custom molded orthotics some complex types of foot disease, especially for clinical medical correction patients complicated characteristics and disease types of its foot, the need for personalized customized according to the different circumstances of each patient. There are two ways of making it, one is manual plaster pouring foot mold repair method, and the other is computer scanning after repair method. The two approach requires doctors to formulate detailed and appropriate orthopedic shoe prescription, symptomatic treatment of patients with foot disease. Custom molded insole requires special orthopedic shoes as a fitting space for orthopedic footwear.