Orthotic Insoles role
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Orthotic Insoles role

1, the role of foot pain, waist and leg pain: ankle physician confirmed by the study: lower extremity bone, joint chronic injury are mostly due to lower limb biomechanics, it can be said lower limb biomechanical line (negative force line) has changed , Resulting in abnormal bone and joint stress caused. The underlying causes of changes in the lower limb biomechanical lines are blamed on "feet" in many people. After the age of 30, with the growth of age, the human foot muscles, ligaments slowly aging, its ability to maintain the arch decreased, when standing load, the arch collapse or even disappear, feet are often walking outside Turn over, causing ankle distortions, resulting in lower limb load line is not straight. This also caused ankle, knee imbalance force, but increased the knee, ankle joint chronic injury. Long-term lower extremity load line changes, will cause hip, lumbar compensatory injury, leading to chronic lumbar and hip degenerative disease, the clinical manifestations of these parts of the long-term chronic pain and joint mobility disorders. Wearing a foot in Friends of health insoles, correction of walking foot valgus deformity and ankle twist, to varying degrees, improve the lower limbs of the load line, but also improve the ankle and knee imbalance force, thereby reducing the Ankle, knee, chronic injury, thereby relieving or relieving backache back pain and other symptoms.

 Orthotic Insoles

2, the role of the level of foot: In children with congenital flat foot, early start wearing foot Friends of Health insoles, not only can prevent the occurrence of flat foot complication, correction of poor gait in children, and can be reshaped Normal arch. Flatfoot to adults, healthy insoles can scientifically support the arch of the foot, effectively alleviate the foot due to flat foot fatigue, pain discomfort, and calf muscle soreness and other symptoms.

 3, the role of heel pain: We know that heel pain occurred in women over the age of 40, the most common clinical reason is "plantar fasciitis." When wearing Zuzhiyou healthy insole, relieve the plantar fascia tension and reduce plantar fascia strain, healthy foot heel with a mesh structure can relieve heel pressure, reduce pain, long-term wear, you can reach Relieve or relieve symptoms.

4, the role of the soles of the callus (foot pad) or the former palpation: plantar foot pad occurred in the first Ⅱ, Ⅲ metatarsal head below, it is due to the first, Ⅲ metatarsal head collapse, the local stress, the local By extrusion, friction caused. Wear Zuzhiyou health shoes, so that plantar force redistribution, reducing the first Ⅱ, Ⅲ metatarsal head concentrated below the force, the forefoot was reticular structure, can relieve the pressure of the forefoot well. In this way, not only relieve the painful symptoms of the foot pad, but also can completely eliminate the foot pad when used for a long time.

5, the role of hallux valgus, bunion inflammation: Hallux valgus in addition to heredity, mostly due to wear high above the tip of the shoes caused. Friends of Friends of Friends of foot toe wear, shoes wide range, to prevent sharp, narrow shoes on the big toe squeeze, relieve pain, to prevent aggravating conditions and complications, prevention of hallux valgus and bunion occur. Healthy insoles, but also can be applied to many kinds of podiatry, habitual ankle sprain, and chronic pain left after ankle sprain, but also have a good relief, it is because Friends of Friends of foot fit foot insole, balanced ankle The strength of the muscles and ligaments on both sides of the joint amends the tilt of the ankle joint, increases the stability of the ankle and improves the ankle joint's non-parallel force. Therefore, it can alleviate the pain in the ankle joint and prevent ankle sprain Played a good role. Second, the function of insoles 1. To reduce foot fatigue often standing, walking people (such as teachers, traffic police, sales, insurance industry, etc.) often feel tired feet and feet, or even pain, because the foot is usually only 3:00 Force, and Friends of the foot of the Friends of the scientific design of the shoe in the three stress points in the foot mesh structure, effectively alleviate the foot force, while the foot arch to be scientifically effective support, so that the foot from three o'clock Force into the entire foot force, so that the foot muscles have a degree of relaxation, effectively reduce foot fatigue. Especially in the elderly, foot muscles, ligament relaxation, decreased elasticity, plantar fat pad thinning, standing or walking to feel more strenuous, more prone to fatigue, but also more suitable for Friends of Friends of Health foot insole. The mesh structure at the forefoot and heel also soothes the spine and brain well.

6. Sweat-absorbent, deodorant, anti-beriberi feet is the most sweaty places in the human body, the health of the insole surface is dermal, the following is a polymer biomaterials, have good water absorption, sweat in the foot sweat well absorb sweat , The sweat deodorant molecular decomposition out to reach the deodorant effect. The insoles will be taken out at night, sweat will be volatile so that the shoe always maintain a relatively dry environment, the fungus loses its damp growth,Environment, prevent beriberi good effect.

7. Promote blood circulation, health care of the old man first foot failure, the tree roots first exhausted. Because the soles of the feet are the reflex zones of various tissues and organs of the human body, these reflex zones are connected with the internal organs through the meridians and collaterals. Therefore, the foot has a "second heart", which is closely related to the health. In recent years, adequate foot support is the best proof. Healthy insoles can effectively support the arch, effectively promote blood circulation, reach warm feet, healthy body. Practice has proved that: foot health can accomplish good health, so there is sufficient warmth, the body Shu said.