Plantar fasciitis treatment and rehabilitation
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Plantar fasciitis treatment and rehabilitation

            According to the TCM Meridian Theory, the heel is the passage of the kidney, and because of this, the ancient treatise on heel pain is "mostly related to the kidney"; it is considered that the function of the liver and kidney gradually declines, the kidney can not the main bone, Liver can not support tendons, tendons dystrophy, blood barrier, made for the pain. Chinese medicine treatment is divided into two types:

 First, liver and kidney type: mainly to nourish the kidney, side with Liu Wei Di Huang Wan addition and subtraction.

 Second, damp heat block type: the treatment of heat-dampness-based, medicine can choose cork, skullcap, forsythia, Coix, Atractylodes and so on. Plantar fasciitis acute attack, reliable drug to relieve pain; long-term permanent repair is required to do more plantar exercises, including plantar fascia, plantar fascia and Achilles tendon traction. Usually need to pay attention to the heel should not be too high, 3cm is appropriate; plantar should be "flexible insoles", insoles can not be too hard, and try to step on the hard floor, and to avoid uneven ground.

Rehabilitation movements are as follows:

 First, the plantar fascia massage exercises: Press the foot with the thumb up and down the plantar fascia at the front and back, press the degree to feel "enough acid will be"; 2-3 times a day, each 2-3 minutes. This massage can relieve fascia tension, improve blood circulation foot.

Second, plantar fascia traction movement:

1, one hand fixed heel, the other hand hold the toes, force the toes pull up to the fascia has been pulled so far; each pull for 10 seconds and then relax, repeat 10 times.

2, sitting posture, knees straight, and then take a towel placed in the forefoot, both hands holding the towel on both sides, pulled inward fascia has been felt so far pulled up; the same stay for 10 seconds after each pull and then Relax, repeat 10 times. This action can relieve fascia tension, increased fascia flexibility.

Third, with the tendon pull movement:

1, both feet bow posture, both hands on the wall, the entire foot of the rear foot needs to be fully landed, fully extended bottom of the foot feeling; this action to stay for 10 seconds and then relax, repeat 10 times, 2-3 times a day.

2, standing on the back of the wall close to the walls of the feet straight, placed under the foot of a slant wood and the ground about 20 to 30 degrees, and then let the forefoot above the heel; this action to maintain standing for 10 seconds and then to the normal ground Relax, repeat 10 times, 2-3 times a day.

Patients want to solve annoying plantar fasciitis, can start from everyday life, control the foot inflammation, reduce pain. Expert Tip: Prevention is always more important than treatment, so usually should pay attention to the maintenance of the foot, pay attention to the basic principles of the purchase of shoes, to avoid long-distance walking; exercise should be gradual, not too hasty, feet feel unwell, should Early medical treatment, so as not to delay the disease. Here's how to protect your feet in daily life:

 ★ A: reduce foot impact activities such as jumping and running, try hard to step on the hard floor and hard tread; long standing workers, wearing appropriate shoes, and intermittent rest.

 ★ two: weight control is a big factor, the weight of the whole body to bear through the foot; if you can control the weight, then the relative foot burden will be less. Less heavy load can also reduce the burden on the foot.

★ Three: hot compress patients can make hot water or local hot hot, several times a day, each about ten to fifteen minutes, can relieve pain.

★ Four: Do not do foot massage Many people like to find someone doing foot massage, the more pain that the better, clinically found that many doctors do foot massage, press the plantar fasciitis. The doctor said that when the public is receiving foot massage, do not bite the bullet pain, when the pain is unbearable, you must ask the masseuse to reduce the strength or stop.

 ★ Five: Do not take the health trail Patients with plantar fasciitis, do not think walking healthy foot can solve foot pain, but will aggravate the inflammation. Therefore, people with this problem, it is best not to barefoot to avoid walking on the uneven road.

★ Six: sleep when using the foot care wood to sleep, put a piece of wood on the soles, so keep the ankle ninety degrees, do not be decentralized, so that the fascia will not be so tight, get up the first step will not be painful .

★ Seven: Choose sports shoes to change the habit of wearing shoes, do not wear slippers, because the slippers are not complex, to wear sports shoes. However, there are two main points. First, the heel of the shoe has a backpack that can be used to mold the ankle fat tissue like a plastic waist. Second, the sole should be soft so that it will not touch the pain points.

 Choose the right shoes

1. Shoe shoes within the best support foot arch structure.

2. Heel shoes 埝 softness to be high, and has shock-absorbing effect.

3. Do not go through high heels, or flat flat shoes, the best height of about 1 inch.

4 shoes in front of enough to accommodate the space to the toes forced to the front of the shoe, the heel can accommodate a finger is appropriate. Foot exercises have plantar fasciitis, the best daily exercise to do a simple sarcopenia, to help ease the fascia, calf, so that the muscles increase flexibility. ◎ plantar fascia massage * Foot relax, press the foot with the thumb up and down the plantar fascia to feel slightly acidic, several times a day, each time for 1 minute 2 minutes. This action can ease fascia tension, promote blood circulation foot. * Foot relax, press the foot with the thumb up and down the plantar fascia to feel slightly acid, several times a day, every time for 2 minutes. ◎ plantar fascia traction * Foot relax, one hand fixed heel, the other hand hold your toes, forcefully pull the toes up to the fascia feel pulling so far, for 15 seconds, repeated 10 times, applied several times a day. This action can relieve fascia tension, increased fascia flexibility. * Continuation of the above action, and then pull up the foot plate until the fascia and calf have a sense of tension so far, for 15 seconds, repeated 10 times a day to do a few times.