The characteristics of orthopedic insoles
- Nov 02, 2017 -

1.The hardness of the world's first 1. double insole, the pair of insoles is made of EVA material, hard EVA foot and arch support force, combined with medium hardness EVA comfortable, comfortable and support enough support.

2. products are beginning to norm manufacturing, which is based on the mechanical structure of the human body, the normal manufacturing, set 5 degrees heel varus angle to improve the angle to the force and walking, 42 degrees tilt the sagittal balance and coordination with support and stability of the pelvis.

3. can be heated forming, modification and easy to manufacture. Different from the general product, the insole only needs to be heated slightly by the hot air gun and adjusted to normal state according to the individual foot shape, and the waiting time of the patient is short.

4. with the evaluation method of NAS, up by foot to the backbone of a series of detailed evaluation were measured: calcaneal varus / valgus angle, forefoot valgus angle, tibial / internal / external femoral angle, rotation angle, foot length difference, pain and gait observation, according to the special situation of a person choose the most suitable materials and correction method.

5., many accessories, ICB with a variety of accessories to correct the long leg or front / back foot inside / eversion problems, according to individual severity and angle to choose the most suitable product.