The Difference Between Insoles and Orthotics
- Jul 04, 2018 -

The Difference Between Insoles and Orthotics


Insoles, also known as inserts, are products you can find in pharmacies and other health care stores. They are usually made of soft gel materials and if they are designed to solve specific problems, for example they may also have other forms of foam or plastic. Fallen arches.

The insole provides cushioning and support for the foot, which relieves pain in two different ways. While this can provide some short-term relief, the insole is mass produced and designed to fit as many people as possible. Therefore, although they can help, they can only go too far in actually solving the root cause of the problem. This means that the symptoms may persist or, if not resolved properly, may worsen over time.


The orthosis is similar to an insert, but with important differences in customization. This of course means that they are designed not only to solve the specific problems you encounter, but also to fit your feet perfectly, not about. This greatly improves their effectiveness in relieving pain and correcting existing problems.

Like the insole, the orthosis can also be used to cushion the foot and provide arch support, but is more successful. Unlike insoles, orthoses can also be used to correct the way we stand and walk. Even the slightest deviation on the foot can cause an impact on the body. The calves, knees and back are just some parts of the body that may be adversely affected by improper posture or gait. The orthosis solves this problem by evenly distributing the pressure on your feet and ensuring that they hit the ground at right angles, which is why these are very important reasons for customization.