The role of insole, you know how much
- Nov 02, 2017 -

People often wear shoes on shoes style, color, comfortable, durable, very little attention to wearing insoles insoles, importance is often overlooked.

In fact, the insole can not only keep the shoes dry shoes made of easy to clean, not easy to wear the shoes. At the same time, it is beneficial to protect the foot, keep the foot comfortable and clean, and also can alleviate the foot pain caused by standing or walking for a long time, and prevent a variety of foot diseases.

What are the functions of insoles?

First, insoles have foot protection. Between the sole and the shoe insole to fill the bed vacancy, avoid the foot from sliding shoes. At the same time, the insole must provide good support and stability to the foot, and can play a role of shock absorption in the process of movement, to avoid all kinds of injuries caused by long time movement.

Secondly, it has good permeability and moisture conductivity.  Foot sweating more, foot bacteria growth, reduce foot comfort.  A good insole has good air permeability and moisture resistance, improves the hot and humid environment in the shoes, inhibits the growth of bacteria, and keeps the feet dry and clean.

Promote foot blood circulation again. The shoe pad on the foot of the health care to the health of the body, let the blood circulation of the foot. It is easy to foot lasting, relieve fatigue.