Wearing orthopedic insoles, is a treatment
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Look at shoes wear, know the disease

Originally, these non normal wear shoes, perhaps is the crux of body disease.

The clinical study found that many patients with neck pain is arch-criminal feet, and directly reflected in the outside of the shoes is worn. This relationship is what kind of?

The human foot is composed of 26 bones and 2 pieces of sesamoid bone, together with the surrounding muscle ligament tissue, particularly important is the kind of arch bridge.

When the feet touch the ground, the arch absorb impact force acting on the foot force weakened. However, once the arch collapsed, the normal force line change. It is known that 1 degrees of pronation of the foot, the tibial part of the leg will rotate 1 degrees accordingly, and the force inside the knee joint will increase, which will lead to compensatory changes in the thigh and hip joint, and even the spine. Over time, these abnormal forces will cause pain in the foot, ankle, knee, pelvis, waist, neck, and some internal organs may also be involved.

Therefore, like the knee pain, pelvis, leg length, scoliosis, height of shoulder, neck and shoulder pain, may consider the foot injury caused by the body force line change.

In the long term "off" problem of foot, doctors always staring at the shoes were not difficult to understand.

So, the shoes can be like a mirror, as out of the foot and the body's health status. Experienced doctors through the "shoes wear" this mirror, we can determine the patient's condition.

Mat insole, disease without drug self healing

As the saying goes, "the foundation is not solid, the wall barrier is not high", the importance of foot biomechanics on the whole body, just like the foundation of high-rise buildings, must be stable, to be strong, and its significance is "decisive"".

So, how to correct the foot caused by abnormal physical force line, to play this whole body of the "foundation"? Through detailed testing, mechanical analysis, with a pair of ICB biomechanics correction insoles, perhaps you can easily solve the problem.

ICB insole is a tool for mechanical correction of human foot using high tech materials. Before the insole is prepared, the doctor will evaluate the plantar pressure and biomechanics of the patient, and then make individualized body preparation.  The doctor will wear during the period, according to the change of line of force on a regular basis to adjust the insole.

Foot orthotic pad was, like to wear eye myopia myopia, it is necessary and very effective. On the pad, the arch is restored, the foundation is stable, and the obvious change of the force line can be seen. Slowly, the superstructure (body condition) naturally adjusts slowly.

In fact, some patients, simply use of orthotic insoles, such as neck and back pain problems will be smoothly done or easily solved.