what are custom made orthotics?
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Feet are delicate and efficient organs.It consists of 26 bones and two sesamoid bones, 57 joints and more than 100 muscles and ligaments.1 ╱ 4, of the total number of the whole body bone size proportion accounted for 7% of the body's foot support weight to complete complex walk run to beat.

As an important part of the body's torso, protecting your feet has a significant impact on healthy life.Scientific foot protection is not only about recognizing our feet, understanding and preventing common foot diseases, learning to observe ourselves, and choosing the right shoes.You also need to know how to use custom foot orthotics to solve foot problems.

According to the data, 75 percent of adults have various foot diseases (including skin diseases) of varying degrees.People with foot problems are more selective about the shoes they wear than those with healthy feet.Shoes with the inner function of eliminating or alleviating foot discomfort will become the first choice for foot disorders more than shoes with only beautiful and fashionable appearance but lack of inner quality.As the range of suitable shoes becomes narrow, custom made orthotics becomes the necessary medium to solve the contradiction between different problems and wearing common shoes.

Shoes, insoles, and from the material production technology, to various specialized production equipment, testing equipment, calibration equipment and tools, has formed the efficience, division of labor and meticulous series products and technical services.Professional orthopaedists and specialized orthopaedic shoe shops are located in many large city blocks. People and practicing doctors also have a high awareness of the role and application range of custom orthotic inserts and form habits.Just as Chinese people now know about wearing glasses.45% of children and 13% of adults in Germany wear orthopedic shoes or insoles.In Israel, where only 8m people live, there are more than 200 orthopedic shoe shops, one for every four people on average.Israeli soldiers are paid by the government every six months to provide a free pair of orthopedic insoles to reduce injuries and improve combat effectiveness.

Wearing custom arch supports can prevent ankle and foot diseases, or use non-surgical treatment conservative treatment of common ankle and foot diseases, reduce or even eliminate symptoms completely. custom design insoles can be used for postoperative support, remediation and gait adjustment in patients with trauma, overwork or severe deformities that must be treated surgically.In addition, additional treatment options are provided for patients who are not qualified for or afraid to undergo surgery (such as students, uncared for people, office workers, etc.).

Custom Made Orthotics