What are the benefits of padded mats when wearing shoes?
- Nov 02, 2017 -

When wearing shoes, double insoles can not only increase the sense of comfort, slow down the pressure on the feet, but also help to absorb sweat and prevent beriberi. Especially in the elderly, but also to insoles. Because with the increase of age, the aging will cause the foot arch collapse, severe cases of arthritis, tendonitis symptoms appear. If you use the insole, can prevent the occurrence of these diseases. But has a role in the prevention and treatment of insole must be tailored, otherwise it will backfire.

First, because the shoes are not easy to clean up, the insole can be convenient to clean and maintain the drying inside the shoes.

Two, can protect shoes. If you do not pad insoles, long time may put the shoes on the inner surface of wear.

Three, the need to protect the foot. Insoles, the foot is not easy to wear, but also feel comfortable.

Four, indirect adjustment shoes size method, sometimes we buy shoes may feel bigger, some reasons can't change, use pad method to adjust the size.