What is a Metatarsal Pain?
- Jan 29, 2018 -


When we stand or walk our weight appears to act on our foot from heel to toe. If your weight is not balanced on the ball of the foot then your foot may get inflamed and ball of foot Pain / Metatarsal Pain. Some people have pain in this portion of foot.

The pain can be intense or just a dull ache that they describe as "walking on a rock' or "walking right on the bone". The pain can be intense enough to cause you to stop Walking/Running.


·         This may arises due to the corns and callus beneath the skin. People usually that have over weigh may suffers from this problem.

·         Aging factor also causes this pain as we lose fat pad underneath the ball of the foot that cause anomalous stress and shock at the area of suffering. 

·         Pain in the ball of foot may also occur due to the reduced fat padding. Unfit shoes, wearing high heeled shoes mostly, or abnormal pressure on the ball of the foot.

·         Sports people or Runners or Athletes also are diagnosed with metatarsal pain. A runner will complain of pain in the ball of their foot usually just behind the second or third toe.

Metatarsal Pain Insoles