what is advantage of Diabetic Insole?
- Jun 12, 2018 -
Diabetic Insole


Diabetic orthotics adopt multinational patents for environmentally friendly materials, combined with human physiological structure is carefully designed, after 16 procedures, the use of special process, wearing comfortable, guarantee the good quality of health.




Advantages of Diabetic shoe inserts :

Benefits of health care insole:

1. The pressure at the foot is evenly distributed to ensure the smooth microcirculation of the end tip.

2. Improve foot swelling and pain caused by exercise, walking and standing for a long time.

3. Inhibit bacterial reproduction, ensure the health of the shoes and eliminate odor.

4. Relieve the foot root pain caused by walking for a long time.

5. The insole is moderately soft and hard, reducing the occurrence of foot diseases such as callus and corns.

6. The humanized three-dimensional design of the insole enables the insole to be closely combined with the arch of the foot, making it easier for you to walk.

7. Patented environment-friendly materials, durable, long service life and affordable price.



Features of diabetic foot insoles:


1. Soft, suitable for 45~65kg patients or diabetics.

3. Rigid, suitable for patients over 75kg in weight.

4. Sports/special, suitable for those who must have multiple joint adjustments and sports shoes.

5. Childhood type;For children.

6. High-heeled shoes, suitable for high-heeled shoes.