What is Athletic Shoe Inserts?
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Orthopedic shoe inserts is a product that can change the ground to suit the shape of the wearer's foot.Just as many people need to wear glasses, people with biomechanical abnormalities in the lower limbs or foot mechanical problems caused by these abnormalities need to wear Insoles for flat feet, a corrective product.

 Arch support insoles according to the biomechanics of the foot design, unique structure of the double density of ethylene vinyl acetate allowed on Foot arch support create and add a wide range of modification and Angle, making it a customizable orthopedic insoles, can use gypsum mold, directly fixed on the patients with feet, can provide foot enough space and protection.Patients with orthopedic insole can be heated and mold to feet or in the plaster mould, also can use a bench grinder, grinding and forming and can make any bending Angle under heat and pressure (also can be eliminated by heating the Angle).Orthopedic insoles in accordance with the biomechanical principle, in order to normal people norm made (which is based on the normal structure of human body mechanics manufacturing), set within 5 ° heel flip Angle in order to enhance and walk to the force, 42 ° vector form tilt the balance and coordination in combination with the support and stability of the pelvis.Customized insole, foot health care, increased walking time, exercise energy has a good effect.The design combines unique angles and curves, and the patented dual-density system provides both support and comfort for patients.


 Orthopedic insole introduction

Orthopedic insoles with NAS evaluation methods, from bottom to top, from the foot to spine, a series of detailed assessment, measured: calcaneal inner/outer Angle, front feet/valgus Angle, perspective and femoral and tibial inside/outside turn Angle, the difference of feet long, the pain and gait observation, according to the special case of personal selected the most suitable material and correction method.


Running shoe inserts therapy

Orthopedic insoles for thumb hallux valgus and foot lesions, foot pain, foot ball pain, foot were loss of elasticity, tibial tubercle epiphyseal inflammation, Achilles tendinitis abusers, medial knee pain, varus sprained, children's heel pain.Bone-like inflammation/calcaneal bone-like inflammation, splints, seed osteitis, lateral pain and forefoot valgus, restrict great toe, foot ulcers and deformity, back pain, and the range of lower limbs, the elderly, he Achilles tendon pain and lower front foot pain.At the same time flat foot, high arch foot, inside and outside turn foot, diabetic foot can also be corrected.


 Running insoles process

Gait balance analysis, foot bottom pressure test, 3d scan foot type, CAD reasonable adjustment and design, CAM data-processing, exclusive insole, last, selection of shoe style, exclusive footwear customization, fitting experience.

Athletic Shoe Inserts