What is Dress Shoe Inserts?
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Define of Dress shoe heel inserts  

Insoles are widely used in shoemaking, health care and special functions.Generally, it is divided into two modes: insole and market commodity.The insole used in the shoe-making industry is mainly to cooperate with the outsole, midsole and make the corresponding body.Make dimension board according to the bottom of last or panel and make corresponding shape.The market commodity type insole is to take insole as a kind of commodity to sell directly, by the development division design, the product that circulates on the market.


Effect of classification

1. Health care insole is the insole that has health benefits to the human body.Such as: antibacterial insole, deodorizing insole, traditional Chinese medicine insole.

2. Functional insole: it is a kind of insole with special functions.Such as: antistatic insole, increased insole, waterproof insole, air circulation insole.

3. Regular insole: the insole without the above two points is very common.


The material of Dress shoe orthotic inserts 

1. EVA insole

2. Sponge insole

Silica gel insole

4. TPR insole

5. Latex insole

Fabric insoles

Leather insoles

8. CPU insole


Use of Mens dress shoes for orthotic inserts

1.Sports insoles

2. Air circulation insole

3. Correct the insole

Shock absorber insole

Warm insoles

Increase your insoles

7. Non-slip insole

8. Electrically heated insole

9. Massage the insole

10. Magnetic therapy insole

11. Antistatic insole

11. Medicated insole

Waterproof insole

14. Regular insoles


Appearance of Dress shoe size insert

1. Full insole

2. Half-size pad (half-insert)

3. Seven-point pad

4: front pad

5. Heel pad

6. Post

7, waist stick


Production of Best dress shoes for orthotic inserts

1. Cold-formed insole

2. Hot press molding insole

3. Pour molded insole

4. Injection molded insole

5. Textile molded insole

6. Hand-embroidered insole.


Wearing a way

Common insole wear patterns are described below:

1. The entire insole can be placed in the shoes.

2. Correct the insole according to the manufacturer's instructions, fixed position.

3. The post-tag can be directly attached to the heel.

4. The seven-point pad should be placed in the shoe and pushed back as far as possible.

5. The half-size pad is fixed to the front palm of the shoe.

6. The waist strap is directly attached to the waist of the shoe.

Increase your insole by placing it at the heel of your shoe.

8. Place the heel pad on the heel of the shoe to prevent front sliding.

 Dress Shoe Inserts