What is orthopedic insoles
- Jan 22, 2018 -

What is orthopedic insoles?

      For many friends orthopedic insoles may still be a rather strange concept, in order to let you a deeper understanding, today we will introduce what is the role of orthopedic insoles and orthopedic insoles; if your friends or family do not know what Is an orthopedic insoles, you can send the text of this article directly to them, I believe they will have a systematic understanding of orthopedic insoles.

      Orthopedic insoles, popular to say that is placed in a shoe to correct and adjust the walking position of the special insoles. Orthopedic insoles are foot research experts through the plantar foot biomechanics, and foot lesions caused by changes in the biomechanical force of human body design, developed with the support of the role of foot arch longitudinal pad.

      It should be noted that the mass production of   orthopedic insoles arch size is based on the normal    degree of arch made to adapt to the general   population; for some people with foot deformities or     foot diseases, can be calculated by professional data   Collect, design, and create cushions of specific arch   height to suit specific individuals.

        Orthopedic insoles through the support of the  arch  of the bow, to correct and improve walking gait and posture. For example, by correcting insoles can be corrected varus foot, valgus feet, within the 'eight' son, outside the 'eight' child and other bad walking posture. You can conservative treatment of plantar diseases by adjusting the plantar pressure distribution. Such as foot pads, corn, tarsal arthritis, tarsal osteoarthritis;

      Recent research results show that orthopedic insoles can improve the lower limb line to prevent senile bone and joint degenerative lesions; orthopedic insoles through the foot contact with the ground when the angle, as well as changes in the negative point of gravity, so that humans in the standing, walking, running jump I feel more comfortable and more effective, which is why athletes both at home and abroad like to wear custom orthopedic insoles.

      Orthopedic insoles can be divided into many types according to different functions, and are made of various materials. However, the ultimate orthopedic insoles are through the improvement of plantar function, relieve foot pressure, and ultimately to correct foot deformity and relieve foot pain.


Orthopedic insoles