What is orthotic insoles?
- Jun 21, 2018 -

What is orthotic insoles?

Orthotic insoles, also known as Orthotic insoles, are an auxiliary equipment for rehabilitation engineering for the treatment of ankle and ankle. Professional doctors and rehabilitation engineers, based on clinical medical and biomedical engineering theory, are based on the clinical medical and biomedical engineering theory, based on the clinical and biomedical engineering theory, and are used as a means of orthopedics and insoles making. A functional insoles.

Orthotic insoles, with special structural design, are applied to the ankle with biomechanical means to prevent and correct foot malformations, to treat and improve the pain caused by abnormal foot structure, the instability of the focus and joint, to limit the abnormal foot joint activities, to compensate for the function of the foot loss, to delay and improve the disease. The occurrence and development of diseases promote the healthy development of children and improve their quality of life.

There are two common types of orthotic insoles: customized orthotic insoles and finished orthotic insoles. According to the patient's symptoms, signs and foot auxiliary examination results, the orthopedic prescription is formulated for the ankle orthopedic surgeon to select suitable orthopaedic shoes for the patients. The tailored orthopedics shoes are designed and made according to the patient's specific symptoms, test results, and foot data. The orthotic insoles are well targeted to the patients and have good function. But custom made orthopaedic shoes are long and expensive. Product orthotic insoles, because of mass production, low cost, and therefore have the advantages of low price and fast speed, can be adapted at the scene. For mild foot disease and foot health care treatment, it can play a certain effect. But for the foot deformity caused by the disease, such as cerebral palsy, congenital clubfoot, foot valgus, eight characters, spina bifida, lower limb length, and middle stroke, it is necessary to customize the individualized orthotic insoles.

The basis for customization:

1. Gait analysis parameters: objective quantitative evaluation of foot deformities based on static plantar pressure and dynamic plantar condition. According to the measurement parameters, objective analysis of the degree of foot deformity, to determine the corrective shoes plan and evaluate the effect of correction.Objective to evaluate the correction effect of shoes with gait analysis.


2. 3D foot scan: Please note that many places use foot scanners to evaluate the degree of deformity of feet, which is not comprehensive enough. Because foot deformity is not only manifested in the sole, but also accompanied by deformity at the back and ankle joints. Therefore, it is difficult to see the full appearance of foot deformity simply using the foot scan. Therefore, it is necessary to use the full foot three-dimensional scanning mode to make the qualified corrective shoes. In this way, all the models can be reconstructed. On this basis, the orthopedic shoes and the orthopedic insole design can be carried out to correct the correctness of the shoes.