What is the purpose of Arch Orthotic Insoles?
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Feet are called the second heart of the human body, its importance to human health is conceivable.Our ankles, knees, hips, and waist are the building blocks of our lower limbs.Whether the lower limb force line is normal or not plays an important role in the body's trunk health.

Spine surgery in many hospital outpatient service, I often wonder to the patient, the doctor in addition to detailed physical examination, will examine the shoes, a look at the shoes inside and outside, the place such as mouth, toe shoes, whether there is abnormal wear and tear.This is to see the wear of shoes, know the disease.

 Clinical studies have found that many patients with low back and neck pain are primarily caused by feet, and shoe wear is directly reflected in the outside.

The human foot is usually made up of 26 bones and two sesamoid bones, along with surrounding tissue such as muscle ligaments and ligaments, especially the arch of the foot.

 When the foot touches the ground, the arch absorbs the impact and reduces the force acting on the foot.But oncethe arch collapses, the normal force line changes.Known, foot pronation 1 °, the calf part of tibia 1 ° will corresponding internal rotation, knee medial stress increases, resulting in the thigh and hip, even spinal compensatory sex change.Over time, these abnormal forces will cause pain in the foot, ankle, knee, pelvis, waist, neck, etc., and the function of some internal organs may also be affected.

 Many orthopaedic surgeons have found that many diseases, including knee pain, pelvic forward, length of legs, scoliosis, high and low shoulder, neck shoulder pain can cause physical lines of force change of lower limb, and these patients after wearing custom or finished products of insoles for flat feet, lower limb physical lines of force can tend to be normal, well relieve symptoms, therefore the current clinical recognition of arch support inserts, in fact is a kind of medical technology and treatment.

 The application of orthotic inserts can solve and alleviate the symptoms of many ankle and foot diseases.plantar fasciitis inserts makes people feel more comfortable and effective when standing, walking, running and jumping through the Angle of foot contact with the ground and the change of negative emphasis.


1. Plantar fasciitis: relieve the pressure of plantar fascia and reduce its strain, so as to eliminate local inflammation and relieve pain.

2, bone spurs: foot arch support plantar stress redistribution, reduce the load heel stress, reduce local irritation, severe cases can be customized orthopedic insoles, do local stress management in the heel, is a good way to relieve stress and pain.

3. Habitual ankle sprain: in patients with habitual ankle sprain, the strength of the collateral ligament on both sides of the ankle joint is usually unbalanced, and some of them are accompanied by the inclination of the talus joint.It is suitable for orthopaedic insole, which can balance the strength of the two side ligaments and improve the pitch of the talus joint, so as to prevent the effect of ankle sprain.

4. Osteoarthritis: the orthopedic insole makes the height on both sides of the foot more reasonable, so as to relieve the pressure on one side of the knee joint.

5. Flat foot and high arch foot: the orthopedic insole supports the arch of the foot, redistributes the foot pressure, and relieves the pain caused by the foot.

6, patients with diabetes: orthopedic insole surface as a special material, can alleviate diabetes foot caused by transverse and longitudinal arch collapse caused by the local stress, organizational foot of sliding inside the shoe, to avoid stress appear brok

Arch Orthotic Insoles