Why do we need foot support?
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Why do we need foot support?


Humans have walked the planet for thousands of years, shouldn’t we be pretty good at moving by now? Why do so many of us need orthotics to help stabilise and support our feet?

Over the past 200 years, our environment has changed considerably. Our feet were designed to suit a softer terrain, but now we live on mostly hard, flat concrete surfaces and our feet are forced to flatten and twist with every step.

Our lifestyles have changed. We are more sedentary in daily lives, spending much of our time at a desk or in front of a TV. Our feet are now less accustomed to activity. When we physically challenge ourselves, the joints, muscles and tendons are put under strain they are not used to.

Modern day footwear does not always support the feet. High heels, pointy toe shoes, shoes with little support or structure, sandals or generally poor fitting shoes cause blisters and unnecessary pain. Often we wear these shoes for their good looks, but how can we minimise the pain they cause?

IDEASTEP is a locally owned & operated company based in Xiamen,China.We specialize in the proper fitment of arch supports,and our own line of Prf-fabric & Custom orthotics.ldeastep manufactures these Orthotics by utilizing technology,such as Moulding ;Assembling by production Line and 3D foot scanners run with our proprietary software,and CNC mills,which are all designed and built right here in Xiamen.We are medically accredited,employing highly trained & certified Pedorthists to ensure the fit and comfrt of our products.